Complex cinema scheduling now with a fraction of the effort

Cinema Scheduler generates daily or weekly film schedules in agreement with all cinema and distributor constraints. The sophisticated algorithm combines advanced forecasting based on historical box office with state of the art scheduling technology. It integrates with leading Ticketing systems and provides a fully automated schedule that maximizes cinema attendance.

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  • benefits

    Reduce stress and workload

    With Cinema Scheduler, forecasting and programming is done in matter of the seconds. Reduces programming departments workload.

  • benefits

    Increase profitability

  • Using Cinema Scheduler's sophisticated algorithm you will be able to create schedules that maximize cinema attendance, increase number of the shows and minimize idle time.

  • benefits

    Reduce costs

    Centralize programming, automatize the process and reduce the costs. Cinema Scheduler can be used remotely, and film schedules can be created from any internet computer.

  • benefits

    Lower management risks

    Cinema Scheduler produces detailed, graphical performance reports per cinema, screen or film that allow for easier business decision process.



Let Cinema Scheduler improve your forecasting and programming.