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Cinema Scheduler

generates daily or weekly film schedules in agreement with all cinema and distributor constraints

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Cinema Scheduler - The perfect solution for the automatic creation of cinema film schedules

The perfect solution for the automatic
creation of cinema film schedules for all of your screens

  • Import all recent films', distributors' and cinemas' data from the ticketing system with one click.

  • Click 'Generate' and in just a few seconds you get the best schedule for a day or a whole week.

  • At any time simple drag and drop films or alter parameters to bring your expert input.

  • Click 'Export' when ready to feed it back into the ticketing system. It's that easy !

  • Reduce stress and workload

    Feature 1

    With Cinema Scheduler forecasting and programming is done in matter of the seconds. It relieves programming departments and cinema managers from a repetitive labour-intensive task

  • Increase profitability     

    Feature 2

    Using Cinema Scheduler's sophisticated algorithm you will be able to create schedules that maximize cinema attendance, increase number of the shows and minimize idle time.


  • Reduce costs     

    Feature 3

    Centralize programming, automate the process and reduce the costs. Cinema Scheduler can be used remotely, and film schedules can be created from any internet connected computer.

  • Lower management risks

    Feature 4

    Cinema Scheduler produces detailed, graphical performance reports per cinema, screen or film that allow for easier business decision process.


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Cinema Scheduler is created in cooperation with Pathé Nederland, the biggest cinema chain in The Netherlands with 22 multiplex cinemas, more than 165 screens and 35.500 seats all over the country.
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    Integration with Rotten Tomatoes
    13 Feb 2014
    Share Dimension team works continuously on the enhancement of our products. With latest Cinema Scheduler software version, we are proud to announce you the Cinema Scheduler integration with Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks to this integration the Rotten Tomatoes film details like Plot, Cast, Director and film’s Ratings are available to the programmers within Cinema Scheduler portal. When estimating a potential of film in coming weeks, programmer can now easily consult the latest Approved Tomatometer Critics’ or Rotten Tomatoes Users’ film reviews under Cinema Scheduler Film Details tab.
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    Pathé Nederland breaks ticket sales record
    29 Dec 2013

    Pathé, the biggest cinema chain in the Netherlands has had its own records broken this Christmas weekend.

    It is for the first time in its entire history that the number of tickets sold reached million over the Christmas holidays. For Christmas weekend their 22 cinemas have sold more than 100.000 tickets each day of the weekend.

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    CinemaScheduler in Holland Film News Magazine
    21 Oct 2013
    Forecasting without a crystal ball, Smart software, Centered around the programmer - this is how Jeroen Huijsdens from Holland Film Nieuws describes the Cinema Scheduler in the article he wrote about Share Dimension and Cinema Scheduler solution in the Holland Film Nieuws, edition of October 2013.
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    Show East 2014
    29 Jun 2014
    Share Dimension will be present at the Show East 2014, held between October 27 and 30 2014 in Orlando Florida.
    If you are coming too, this will be great opportunity to catch up on what Cinema Scheduler and our new Cinema Intelligence suit can offer you.
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